Monday, July 2, 2012

What the?!??!

Uh... Hey Jammers...Tater1228 here...
I was in Jamaa... and.. uh.. I see these three black wolves... Im Guessing it was a bob trio... Oh now you think I'm Crazy right? Hmph see for your self!

Think Im crazy? Hmmmm? Well you still might but who cares! Lol I sure dont!
Anyways Jam on Jammers!


  1. dear tater,
    why is all about u and ur 'sister' is she even ur sister?
    well this blog was better when not like everywhere is about u im not being mean but it's true !
    ur on every side.
    other blogs wouldnt have everything for themselves.
    they will put pictures about animaljam/jammers/buddies
    all i can see is a couple of group pics and the rest is and ur 'sister' I miss old tater. I rarely have time to meet u and when ur on i try to talk to u as much as i can and i miss our old time together being random funny and enjoying our selves maybe ill just wait to talk to u tater

    your buddy and always will be,
    kasha :)

  2. Kasha... there's alot about me and my sister cuz i havent got many group photo's yet... i JUST started it and its a work in progress... please stop saying this in the comments if you have a problem please send it the email. :L thanks.

  3. :/ i fell like i got owned.

  4. Just Please stop posting comments about changes you think we should do. Cuz if you read the welcome to the blog thing it says send them to the email.