Friday, October 19, 2012

Hallo! Ich Bin Tater! (Im Tater) German talk show (for randomness!)

Hallo Jammers! Tater und Blitz hier! (Hi Jammers! Tater and Lightning here!) Heute haben wir eine zufällige besonderen Beitrag für Sie! (Today we have a special random post for you!)
 Lehnen Sie sich zurück und genießen Sie die Deutsch! (So sit back relax and enjoy the german!)

                                      Aufwachen Blitzschlag! (Wake up lightning)
Tater- Hello Jammers Im Here to Wake up Lightning!

Tater- Ready one two three, BOO!
Lighning- AHHH!!!!!!!!!!
Lightning- You Scared the poop out of me!
Tater- That's the point.

Tater- So Finally You woke up!
Lightning- Hey I was tired...
Tater- Well to dang bad! We have a talk show to do!
Lightning- Oh Right! Hello World!

Tater- Anyways So lightning i hear you a leader of a pack? Is this true?
Lightning- Yes, well co-leader. I lead part  of Storm Pack. Do you know who the other leader is?

Tater- Well me of course! I am your sister.
Lightning- Yes, Thats right! What else would you like to know?

Tater-Well There is a rumor about you going around lightning... and I wanna know if its true..
Lightning- Umm Ok? What is the rumor?
Tater- Do you like.............. waffles??
Lightning- Yes I love waffles!!

Tater- Well thats all! Thanks for watching! Well scrolling though the pictures..
Lightning- Goodbye World! Have a great day!

Hope you enjoyed ^.^ 
Cya Next time!
Your Friends, 
The Animal Jam City Staff.

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  1. gut eins, freund mir @ wolfofdusk. und waffeln, ich liebe waffeln zu, viel mehr mit blau-beeren. schmackhaft