Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sky High: A Waste?

Hey guys its LightningStar60, and I was thinking about the new Sky High bit. They say you can win cool prizes like a worn, mech wings, pirate swords, etc. But do you really win those epic rares? We don't believe so, because we haven't won any cool super rares. We get "Fancy Top Hats" and "Bunny Hats". WASTE!! What do you think? Comment and tell us what you have won when you reach the top of Sky High!

                                             This is what the Jamaa Journal Says....

What we REALLY got!


  1. I've gotten pink and purple mech wings and a black worn. :D

  2. i haven't played that much but i got black mech wings

  3. Oh yes, I have gotten 2 worns.
    Check my YouTube account "JuliantwofanTFM" for proof.
    I only showed proof for the creamed one.
    I think you should try a little harder
    to get the rares and play often.