Friday, November 30, 2012

                HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!! GUESS WHO!!!!
 Thats right TATER!!!! IM BACK BABY! lol dont ask. Sorry that i haven't been posting I just needed a break from the internet for a while so my Co-owner Lightning was doing all the posting! And if I may say I think she was doing a darn good job at it too! ;) lol anyways I should be  posting more but who knows! Lol so I have a topic a little different from Newz on Aj. But It is sorta related. My topic is "Bullying" this has started to show up more and more! And I am tired of it! No Matter if its Cyber Bullying or Real Life bullying it needs to stop! So if you agree check out the new Page "Stop The bullies!" There will be a chat that Jammers can talk about it safely with no bullying! 

Well thats all for now!
Until next time,
Jam on Jammers!

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