Sunday, December 2, 2012

Animal Jam Story?!

Hi guys LightningStar60 here! I have this idea for a story/book on Animal Jam! The Great Arctic has been going through my mind a lot and I was wondering if you guys are interested in it:

The Great Arctic
                Little and Fauna watched from their den a horrible sight. The "King", the one and only lion in all of Jamaa, has defeated the Rebel Army. The Big Cats will once again rule the island of Jamaa.
               "What is going to happen to us? Our pack is dwindling and with King on the throne, the balance of all the animals will fall apart!" Fauna whimpered and looked at the ground. "Little, I think we should disband StormPack..."
              Little flicked her ears and shook her head. "No. Why should we?
              "Our Pack is dying! We are not going to survive the Big Cat Revolution!" Little turned at the sight and headed into the Small House they called home. Outside were a few wolves, some fought in the War, others dying of hunger. She lay down on her scrappy bed, cold and hungry. Fauna joined her, depressed as well.
             "We will think of something later." Little sighed.
               "How much later? When Jamaa doesn't exsist?" Fauna yawned and layed her head down. "I just hope we aren't going to be too soon...." She drifted off but Little stayed awake. Thoughts filled her head of how times were extremely tough and even her, the "smart" one, couldn't think of an answer. When she finally did fall asleep, she dreamed of being tortured in the dungeon of the Big Cat Castle.
                Then the dream shifted to a beautiful forest, full of happy, well fed animals. In the center, were six thrones surrounding a giant bird perch. "Mira!" Little called out, "Why have you brought me here! She was answered by a large crane, swooping down onto the perch.
               "Do not be alarmed, my dear wolf. For I am Mira, creator of everything in Jamaa."
               "Yes, Majesty, I know who you are, but why am I here?" She turned her head to look at a break in the ground. Through the crack, there was Jamaa, lying in the dark of night.
              "I have noticed that my experimental lion has, as you say, taken over".
              Little nodded."Yes, Mira, King has. Wolves are the lowest ranking in the Animal Balance, and all the other animals are his slaves. My sister is afraid that we should disband our small dying pack so that we can survive in larger Clans."
            Mira looked back at Little, sighing, she said, "Yes, I know. And I want to help regain the balance. Tomorrow at High Sun, I will give you something you will never want to return....." Mira started to fade. Fauna's side started to show, and light was filtering through the old rotting windows into the Small House. Reality was returning with the day, and Little knew it would be the biggest day in StormPack history.....
That is the beginning of my story. Hope you liked it! I will be adding onto it soon!

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