Saturday, December 8, 2012

Count Down to Christmas SURPRISE!!!!

Hey Jammers!!! Tater here! With a Count Down to Christmas Surprise!!! We are having a contest!!!! The video should explain it! And you can win!(once it uploads I will put the link in) But Here is how to win and the rules!

How to Play
-Comment and Tell me you user and Favorite present you ever got!
-Comment Either on the video or on THIS post. ONLY this post. If you comment on any others it will not count!
-I will select three Jammers randomly from all the comments.
-The Contest ends in THREE days(So get you comments in soon)
-I Will contact the winners by the user they sent me. 
-I then will send you your prize!

-Do NOT disobey these rules! IF you do then your comment will NOT count and you will NOT be able to win a prize!
-ONLY TWO comments PER person!
-You can NOT be rude to any other participants!
-No Fake user names!
-No Bragging if you win!

Hope you Win Jammers! Happy Holidays!

The Video link will soon go here(lol)

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