Monday, December 3, 2012

The Great Arctic-Chapter 2

Hi guys! Its me, LightningStar60, and I'm back with my story- The Great Arctic. Hope you have been enjoying it so far! Comment if you want added into the story! Enjoy!

The Great Arctic
          Little didn't feel any different. Fauna and the rest of StormPack were slowly waking, and each going on like nothing was different. Fauna grabbed her sword that was hanging on its peg, and tossed Little her bow.
               "You kept kicking last night. Are you OK?" Fauna was fastening her buckle on her sword sling.
               "Just had some interesting dreams,  that's all." Little didn't want to say anything about her visit with Mira.
                "What about? Should I be worried?"
                "No! No no. I'm fine. Just dreamt about being tortured in the Big Cat Castle dungeon that's all." Fauna sighed and headed outside, where her and her Hunters were already meeting up. Little soon padded out of the Small House as well, seeing her "Scouts", or warriors, band together to go on the morning patrol.
                 Nothing much happened during the patrol. Sure, there was a rouge wolf trying to create a den on territory, but they obeyed and quielty moved off.
                 There are two types of territory. Public And Private. Public is where all animals can establish territory and MUST get along, say, Jamaa Township or Mt. Shiveer. But the Private is the separate den sites. Those are a big matter.
                 When both patrols returned, it was around lunchtime. The Hunters brought back nearlly nothing, but they made do and ate what they had. Little kept looking to the sun, expecting the gift everytime she looked.
                 "Every time you look up to the sun, you will blind yourself!" A Scout exclaimed. "Why do you keep doing that?  Expecting Mira to come to Jamaa?" Little glared at the Scout and he just nodded and trotted off.
                 Suddenly Little had this odd feeling to go near a crack in the side of the Small House. Everyone else seamed to naturally go inside, but it seamed to all work out. When Little reached the crack, she saw a bright light coming from the other side......

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