Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Great Arctic- Chapter 3

Hi jammers! I have returned with another episode of The Great Arctic. Remember = if you want in the story, just comment! Tell me your animal and animal name and you will be added in!

The Great Arctic

             Little headed to the light. It shined surprisingly bright for such a small crack. When she touched the crack, it suddenly collapsed. Instinctively,  she wandered into the hole. Inside was a long, sparkling tunnel. The tunnel seamed to go on forever, slowly, it became steeper and steeper. Then the bright light shown again. 
              When Little exited the tunnel, the light was blinding. But she felt grass. Soft, cool grass. She stepped forward and felt stone. Smooth, cold stone. When her eyes adjusted, she saw a magnificent castle in front of her. A cascading waterfall's river was overcome by a small arching bridge to reach the castle's front door. 
             "You saw the light, I see." Mira appeared from the sun. She glittered like gold amazingly. Little bowed to her Maker, but Mira just nodded and told her to rise. 
              "What is this place? Where am I?"  Little stood in amazement as she saw the water suddenly fall of the edge of a giant cliff into a large cloud below. 
              "I told you I would give you a gift, correct?" Mira looked puzzled for a second. 
             "Yes, you did, its just I don't know what it is..." 
              Mira pointed at the castle. "You do now...." Little stood in amazement.
            "Is this for the pack? This is incredible!" Little wanted to move forward, but she felt frozen. 
           Mira stood where she was for a second, thinking hard. "Wasn't there something else...? Oh Yes! There is one, tiny little gift." Little couldn't see anything else. Then she couldn't see anything at all. Green smoke rose from around her paws to the top of her head. A Think smoke swirl appeared and Little watched as her paws underneath her were disappearing. Then her paws reappeared. But they weren't hers... Her tail, started to become very thick and layered. Her back became smaller and her back legs shortened. Hair started to become layered and thick on her chest.  She felt her neck stretch tall, and her head became quite large. Soon the green smoke and swirl disappeared. She felt tall, Strong, and Powerful. Mira nodded with pleasure. 
         "Little, You are now an Arctic Wolf....."

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