Monday, November 18, 2013

Flash Mob Fail...

Good Morning Jammers! Tater here once again! Its very early but I didn't wanna go to sleep!
So.......... I had a Fail of a flash mob!
We only got two other people to dance.. The rest we're my friends fluffytail111222
and mycoolteddies. They are my awesome new friends! They are awesomely
random just like meeeeee! :D hehe and after the flash mob we had a party on
the bridge! hehe :3
That was a better turn out the the Flash mob... lol everyone was so funny! I wanna
do that again! Next time I'll post about it before so that you guys can come join us 
in our awesome dancing!! hehe!! I'd Love to get to meet you all! Maybe you guys 
could comment your user below and we can all have party sometime! Wouldn't that
be so cool?? I would love to do something like that with you guys!
Anyways enough rambling on!
Jam on Jammers!

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