Thursday, November 21, 2013

News Update!

Hey Jammers! So Lightning might get e membership card and rejoin the blog staff.
I dont know for sure yet, but she is thinking about it. Anywho! Thats not what this
is about! XD Animal jam Just updated and the Newspaper is new and refreshed!
Here is the News for this week!!
Omg! Anyone else excited for this?!?!?

Makes me wanna buy a card! :O

Deer Coming to Jamaa! Cant wait!!

Dont Forget ALL games 2x the gems!
AJQH Is Giving out free gifts everyday in December!

New App Available From where ever you purchase your apps!
(May not be in ALL stores)
Heres the News of the week Jammers!! I'm thinking of doing a give away or
a fun get together for the Holidays! Which would you guys like???
Jam on Jammers!

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