Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Items!

Salutations Jammers!
I'd like to say sorry for not posting..
Im redoing my room and its been crazy busy
Anyways Ive Got the updates on the new Items for ya!
The Cool New and Stylish SnowBoarding Helmet 
For Only 500 Gems! Get yours Today! lol

The Warm but fashionable SnowFlake Boots!
In your local Store For only 450!

And Last but not least! We have the Decorative
Ice Skates! Put them in your den for all your Buddies to see!
Available for Purchase at the Jam Furniture Mare For 400!
Haha, Thanks Guys! I want You to know how much Me and Little
Appreciate you guys! Without all of you our blog would be nothing!
I cant believe how far we have come in these Few month since we have been back
Thank you everyone! Until Next time
Jam On Jammers!

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