Friday, September 19, 2014

New Update!

Hey Jammers! Sorry this is a little late but this week was homecoming for me, so I have been super busy! But here is the update for September 18, 2014!
                                    YASSS MONKEY PETS ARE BACK!!!! THEY S'CUTE!
I just went total wacko there :) Heheheheh
 I went to Kimbara and played this game for like 2 hours!
Like Oh my gosh its so fun! To me at least! Hehe
 Yay pandas are gonna come back!!! Tater is excited!!
Pandas are so cute and loveable and snuggleable! Haha
Dude, that video is the cutest thing I've ever seen, Like seriously!
Yes! Autumn is here! I think Autumn is my favorite season!
AJHQ Adopts an otter??? No Way! How cool is that???

Anyways, again sorry this was late guys!
Until Next time! Jam on Jammers!

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