Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Update

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year Jammers!
Boy, have I missed you guys! Anyways, I have a little update on what might
be happening here soon! First of all there are a few new pages up so be sure
to check those out! Second, since it is so close to being January I am going
to wait until February to put up a new Jammer of the month so that you guys
have plenty of time to fill out the new survery! Which is linked on the Jammer
Of The Month page. Thirdly, I may be coming back to Animal Jam and the Blog!
I am going to ask my parents for a new Membership subscription and hopefully
they will say yes! But there is a slight catch if I come back... First is you guys
will have to stay active and comment. Because if you guys are not active
then doing this blog really is not worth my time.. Second, I will most likely
only be able to post on weekends due to other conflicts. But hopefully I 
will be way more active then I was.. Because I truly do miss this blog and
all of you amazing jammers that come with it! :) Anyways, I just figured I
would give a little upate on what is going on! But remember if you want
me to be active then you guys must be active!!
Jam On Jammers!

1 comment:

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