Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Okay Jammers I got MAJOR news today... We'll I just discovered that fman122 was carrying a virus that hacked your animal jam account.. and screwed it all up! Unfortunately his account got deleted... Now i know what your thinking "Tater how could that be a bad thing?? He's gone!" But he's really not! The word is that he has another and is going to continue sending glitches to everyone. "How do you get the glitch?" you may ask? Well he sends you a normal jam-a-gram with a gift, but the gift actually has nothing in it besides the virus.. So please if you do not know the person.. DO NOT open the gift! The virus is still out there. And its dangerous! Please stay safe jammers and dont open gifts! If he did a while back or did it just recently send you or your friend a virus, please notify me his new user, and I will help you as much as i possibly can!
Stay Safe and Jam on Jammers

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