Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blog Changes

Hey Jammers! I was thinking... and I haven't changed the blog much in a while.. So I need your help to make it better! What would make The Animal Jam City better? Comment your ideas below!

-Art Page

So I temporarily took the art page down because we only had one Drawing to show, and I figured that the art page wouldn't be very interesting with only one drawing! Let me know, do you guys what the art page to come back? If so send us drawings, painting, sketches anything that we can put on our art page! 

-Fashion Page

I have also taken down the fashion page because I don't do fashion shows anymore... But! If you guys want me to post new clothing items, my styles, other jammers styles.. Comment down below! You can even send in your own style to be featured on the page!

-Gallery Page

Yes, the gallery had a lot of pictures... but I took it down because all the pictures were of me and Lightning... I will republish the gallery page once I get pictures of Blog events going on... or once you guys send me photos of you and your buddies having fun!

-Stories Page

So the stories page got taken down because I haven't written a story in a while. So I have no new stories to post on that page,, I may not republish it UNLESS you guys want me to continue writing stories, or someone sends me a story to feature on that page! Comment down below what you want me to do!

Send us you drawings, fashions, pictures, stories, ect.. to

                               Until Next time Jammers!


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