Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thank you for staying Active

-Being Gone

Salutations Everyone!! Um,, To formal? Okay, Then Hey Guys!!! I'm sorry for not being on... Hmm seems like I have been saying that a lot lately... Well this time I mean it!!! I WILL be on more often! I'll keep the blog active, and reply to as many of your comments as I can!

-Replying to Fman Comments

Speaking of comments... seems like my most popular page to comment on is the Fman warning page... Well I am going to try to reply to all of you right now...My answer to your comments... I dont know!!! Now I know what your thinking "But Tater, you made that page! How do you not know??" Well, because I have been so inactive both on Animal Jam and the blog I honestly don't know what is going on with Fman right now... But I promise to get all of you information as soon as I can!

-Storm Pack Is Back!!

Yes that's right my friends! Storm Pack is officially starting back up in the next few days! With an All New Den! All New Members! All New Ranks! There will even be spots open for others Alphas to assist me with the pack! That rank must be earned of course! But if you want a chance at being in a great pack Comment your username and rank desired below!

Starting Ranks:


(Each rank has apprenticeship as well)

Earned Ranks:


Male Deputy(1)
Female Deputy(1)

Lead Beta(1)
Lead Gamma(1)
Lead Warrior(1)
Lead Healer(1)
Lead Hunter(1)


(Please note that some ranks may be filled)

                                          Join Us at Storm Pack today!! 

                                                       Until Next time Jammers!!


  1. Hey T so I found out my Blog account still works :) But I am going to need a membership for AJ, so I shall get back to you soon!

    1. Alright thats fine! Just join us whenever! lol